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Meet the Owner!

Hi! I'm Adrienne, the Owner of Tranquility's Designs. Tranquility's Designs is a small Black-Owned business located in St. Louis, MO. If you've read the "About" Page on my website, you know that my business was initially created due to my search for the perfect accessory to compliment an outfit. I had a fancy shindig to attend, and no jewelry! My unsuccessful quest made me think "What if I can just make my own stuff”?


What started as a search for a couple of good pieces about 5 years ago, has led to the business of today! If you’re tired of mass-produced jewelry, and have been searching for a store with handmade items, visit We have unique handmade necklaces, earrings & rings, bracelets, and even Apple Watch bands! We also have handmade products for the home and body. Check us out today! 😀

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